"Human Chronobiology” by Till Roenneberg: a public lecture at UP Manila, 21 September 2016

The College of Public Health of the University of the Philippines Manila announces the upcoming public lecture "Human Chronobiology: internal time, social jetlag, and health" on Wednesday, September 21st, 3 to 5 PM. It will be held at the CPH Auditorium at 625 Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines.

The distinguished lecturer is Prof. Dr. Till Roenneberg, Professor of Chronobiology and Medical Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU Munich), Germany. An educator and researcher, he is with the Human Chronobiology Group at the Institute of Medical Psychology, LMU Munich.

Prof. Roenneberg is known for studies on human chronotypes in real world situations, such as shift work and Daylight Savings Time (DST). He coined the term "social jetlag" for the phenomenon of biological-social (internal-external) time mismatch and its effects on physiology and function. A prolific researcher, the observations from his years of work in chronobiology is the focus of his book, “Internal Time”.

Prof. Roenneberg is Scientific Adviser of PhilSHIFT - an interdisciplinary group from the University of the Philippines and LMU Munich that aim to study the Filipino chronotype and shift work. He collaborates with PhilSHIFT colleagues on the Philippine Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey and has recently been appointed as UP Visiting Professor.

At his September 21 public lecture, Prof. Roenneberg draws on his wealth of experience to share insights about chronotypes in the population and how “living against one’s clock” in the modern world (i.e. social jetlag) may influence our health and well-being.

The lecture is organized by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. All are welcome to attend but pre-registration is necessary.

Please contact PhilSHIFT: philshift@upm.edu.ph