Filipino Chronotype and the Philippine Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey

Individuals may differ in their phase of entrainment (relationship betwee internal, biological time and external time) and therefore have different chronotypes. Some individuals may be an "early" chronotype, while others may be a "late" chronotype. The chronotype plays a key role in an individual's ability to adjust to shift work. Chronotype variation has been described for other populations.

An ongoing PhilSHIFT study aims to determine chronotype variations among Filipinos. People are invited to participate in the PhilSHIFT Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey by accomplishing th Philippine MCTQ (PhilMCTQ).

About PhilMCTQ

The PhilMCTQ is a version of the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ) intended for the Filipinos. The MCTQ helps us understand the individual differences in the circadian clock and its underlying complexity. It is easy to accomplish and has been shown to be an accurate estimate of chronotype through a few simple questions on sleep during workdays and work-free days (weekends).

Similar to the MCTQ, PhilMCTQ questions include those on actual sleep and activity times (e.g. What time do you go to bed? How long do you need to fall asleep? What time do you wake up?) and exposure to outdoor light, and account for the confounding effect of work-related sleep deprivation. These questions provide insights on dependencies of chronotype on age and sex and how social schedules, as experienced during the workweek, may affect sleep-wake behaviour.

Before studies of the health impact of shift work on Filipinos can be done, it is necessary to have a reference for chronotype and sleep characteristics of non-shift working Filipinos. PhilSHIFT hopes to accomplish this by building its Philippine Chronotype Database through the participation of Filipinos who answer the PhilMCTQ.

After accomplishing the PhilMCTQ, an automatic evaluation of one’s chronotype will be sent through e-mail. It will show how one’s results compare with those of other individuals who have so far filled out the questionnaire.

PhilMCTQ is for Filipinos who have a daytime work routine, including permanent day shift workers and students. For Filipinos who have other shift work schedules, PhilSHIFT is developing PhilMCTQ-Shift (Philippine Munich Chronotype Questionnaire for Shift Workers).

Find out your chronotype - be part of the Philippine Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey and answer the PhilMCTQ at the Worldwide Experimental Platform (WeP).

If you'd like to answer PhilMCTQ, click on the graphics that say "Know Your Chronotype", then read through "Some Info Before Proceeding" before you click the link to the WeP.

Make sure to answer the PhilMCTQ until you click the "thank you" message to close. Then wait for your chronotype feedback via email entitled "PhilMCTQ Feedback". The pdf attachment informs you of your chronotype.


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