Research Projects

Researh Program: Chronotype-Specific Adjustment to Shift Work of Contact Center Agents in the Philippines

Project 1 - Chronotype surveys of Filipino non-shift workers and shift workers (The Philippine Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey)
Philippine Health Research Registry ID No. PHRR141125-000858

This PhilSHIFT project officially commenced in July 2013. Its componet projects are a cross-sectional surveys among Filipino non-shift workers (Project 1A Chronotyping Filino Non-Shift Workers) and the development of a chronotype questionnaire for Filipino shift workers (Project 1B Chronotyping Filipino Shift Workers).

Expected outputs of the project:

  • a chronotype database of Filipinos who do regular, daytime work
  • data concerning social jet lag, sleep, body mass index (BMI) and other health factors
  • a chronotype database of Filipino shift workers in contact centers

Filipinos can contribute to this study by answering the Philippine Chronotype and Social Jetlag Survey online - click the graphic "Know Your Chronotype" to get to PhilMCTQ.

The PhilMCTQ (Philippine Munich Chronotype Questionnaire) is the tool used to determine the chronotype of Filipinos who have essentially a daytime routine (permanet day shift workers and students included).

Chronotype and Shift Workers

Project 2 - Chronotype-specific adjustment to shift work of new contact center agents in the Philippines

This is a project in development. It is a prospective cohort study involving contact center agents in participating contact centers. It will yield observations on chronotype, social jet lag, blood pressure and similar health factors during the new hire's adjustment into shift work. Such information may guide recommendations for health, productivity and sustainability initiatives for the contact center industry.