PhilMCTQ Before Proceeding Reminders

What are PhilMCTQ and PhilMCTQ-Shift?

These are chronotype (body clock type) questionnaires available through the ongoing Filipino chronotype survey under the research program "Chronotype-specific adjustment to shift work of contact center agents in the Philippines." This is a PhilSHIFT research approved by the University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board (UPM-REB Study No. 2013-4401).

What does PhilSHIFT do with chronotype and other information provided through the questionnaires?

Your voluntary response becomes a contribution to a growing online database of Filipino chronotypes. This is being built to provide information about chronotypes in the Filipino population and related factors that affect health and productivity.

Who can use these questionnaires?

All Filipinos can answer these questionnaires to find out their chronotype. They are variants of the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ) developed by Till Roenneberg and colleagues at Ludwig Maximillian University Munich. They own the copyright to the questionnaires. In the Philippines, only PhilSHIFT collaborators are authorized to use the online and paper forms of PhilMCTQ and PhilMCTQ-Shift in research.

What else should I know before answering PhilMCTQ or PhilMCTQ-Shift?

PhilSHIFT requests you to help build the Filipino chronotype database by following responsible research practice. If you are asked to answer our questionnaires, ensure your rights as a respondent are respected. Make sure it is a survey request only from PhilSHIFT investigators. They have the background and training to explain the chronotype feedback/survey results to respondents. Moreover, they ensure your right to informed consent, data privacy and respondent confidentiality by following approved survey procedures.

I am interested in using the questionnaires for research/a thesis/activities not related to PhilSHIFT. What should I do?

PhilSHIFT appreciates your interest in the questionnaires. However, PhilMCTQ and PhilMCTQ-Shift are intellectual properties of PhilSHIFT. It shall take necessary action against the use of questionnaires and other materials without its permission.

If you are interested in chronotypes and think you should use our questionnaires, get in touch with PhilSHIFT first.

Contact PhilSHIFT if you have concerns about a survey you are asked to participate in or would like to inquire about your chronotype feedback.

Gayline Manalang Jr., PhilSHIFT Collaborator and Principal Investigator
Postal Mail:
College of Public Health, UP Manila
CPH Annex 2 Bldg, 625 Pedro Gil St.,
Ermita, Manila, 1000
Mobile Phone: +639185438825
Office Phone: +632-5247102 loc. 144 (UP-CPH, UP Manila)
                     +632-9293540 (UP-CIDS, UP Diliman)

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