Welcome to PhilSHIFT

PhilSHIFT is a research program of the University of the Philippines - Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS). It is an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of the Philippines (UP) and Ludwig Maximillian University Munich (LMU) that aims to study the Filipino body clock and shift work. PhilSHIFT intends to pursue projects that will contribute to health promotion and policy development for productive and sustainable work.

What is chronotype?

Chronotype reflects how one's individual body clock ticks and fits into the 24-hour day. It has characteristics that are both genetically inherited and influenced by your daily light exposure.

Chronotype explains why some of us:

  • work better in the morning while others are more productive at night
  • naturally wake up while others need their alarm clocks
  • feel more alert in the morning while others find it hard to keep up